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The first page is the cover page, also called the title page or sometimes the introduction page, for the book. It usually contains the title of the book and an author, editor, or publisher's name, among other information. The second page or spread is the contents page. It lists the chapters, pages, or other subdivisions of the work. It should only include the text of the book or an outline, and should give the reader information about the book. The third page is the back cover, which is the last page of the book. It contains the publisher's name and address, the name of the book, and often the author's name. If the book is a paperback, it should have a dust jacket. An individual part, such as a chapter, article, or poem, within a book is called a section, while a book as a whole is called a volume. The term "book" may be used to refer to the entire work, as a single physical entity, without differentiating between the pages, chapters, sections, etc. Book separators, similar to bookmarks, may be used to indicate the sections of the work. The term "chapter" can be used to mean an entire section of a book, such as a chapter in an encyclopedia or the chapters of a novel. However, the term is used less frequently than other book designations. Physical format Modern books are made up of a front and back cover, a spine with page numbers printed on it, and several leaves which are divided and titled. Many books have a table of contents which serves as a guide to the material in the book. The pages are usually about wide, and folded to about length. Some books have a cloth or leather cover, or may be bound in a particular binding style. The size and shape of the book page is determined by the size of the typeface used to print the text. Typography "Book" and "typography" may be used interchangeably, but "typography" refers specifically to the composition and appearance of type. (For example, a heading in a font of Arial Black is often referred to as "typeface" rather than "typography".) Although the specific type of type used depends on the type of work, it is generally a matter of deciding which fonts are suitable for that work. It is also usual for the text to be set in two or more different fonts within the same document, though this




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Pranic Healing Book Pdf Free 30 1

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